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Strategic Plan - Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives are specific action projects that are deemed most critical to assuring that Guiding Principles and Strategic Drivers are addressed.

Faculty of the Future

Develop a plan, with faculty and staff involvement, for the purpose of identifying the skills and knowledge needed for the team-based, service learning, and technological learning environment of the future, assessing LCC’s current status, and developing strategies and approaches for closing the identified gaps.

University Center

Establish a University Center on LCC’s campus to increase access to four-year and graduate degree programs. A University Center will enhance LCC’s critical role in developing mid-Michigan’s workforce and expanding opportunities for students.

Alternative Energy

Establish LCC as an alternative energy center with alternative energy technology integrated into the curriculum. Alternative energy technology includes a variety of new methods to provide power, including the use of fuel cells, wind, solar, biomass, hybrids and more.

Enrollment Management

Establish a strategic enrollment management plan to effectively coordinate the College’s recruitment, retention, and student success initiatives. A strategic enrollment management team comprised of faculty and staff will develop strategies to attract identified student populations, improve student-facing systems and processes, and increase the percentage of students who accomplish their academic goals in a timely manner.

Expand Service Area

Explore the feasibility of expanding the College’s tax-district boundaries to increase access to and improve affordability of higher education to individuals in out-of-district areas, as well as maintain the College’s fiscal stability.

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2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report