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Secondary/Community College Articulation Guidelines
Phase I


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Articulation is the responsibility of all those involved - secondary personnel, post-secondary personnel, students, and parents. The secondary instructors are responsible for the initial screening. By providing the competency record and signing the articulation application, the instructor, counselor and high school principal are stating that they are confident that the student is competent and able to meet the student expectations outlined in the individual agreements. The post-secondary staff should feel confident that students presenting a signed articulation application will know the material and will be able to succeed in the college courses.


The request for articulation may come from many sources: from an intermediate or local school district, from an individual instructor, from community college staff, even from an employer interested in assisting a young co-op or apprenticeship student.

There are two phases to the articulation process:

Phase I - General Articulation Agreements require discussion and agreement to the terms, requirements, and responsibilities that involve articulation of courses/programs between a school district, an intermediate school district, and Lansing Community College. Upon agreement, there is a formal signing between the agencies.

Phase II - Program Addendums to the General Agreement of specific courses involve high school, intermediate school district, and community college faculty meeting to review and discuss specific knowledge content, objectives and competencies required of students prior to earning articulated credits from Lansing Community College. This program addendum is then attached to the General Articulation Agreement.


A request for general articulation is made to the Tech Prep office. The Statement of Intent and Articles of Agreement are reviewed and discussed between the Tech Prep Coordinator or college representative and secondary personnel, superintendent, curriculum director, high school principal, counselor, etc. When the terms are agreed upon, the Lansing Community College President or representative and the school district superintendent sign the formal agreement.


  1. Review proposed general articulation agreements for clarity and completeness prior to formal signing.

  2. Submits general agreement to the LCC Academic Affairs Office.

  3. Once signed, the original articulation agreements are retained in the Academic Affairs Office.

  4. Coordinator disseminates information about newly signed agreements to college and school district personnel.

  5. The Academic Affairs Office maintains a file of current agreements for review.

Revised: June 2004


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