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Lansing Community College/Michigan State University

Register at LCC for these ROTC courses held at Michigan State University.

Military Science

MILS 110 - Army Leadership & Officer Development

MILS 120 - Army Leadership & Problem Solving

MILS 210 - Values & Ethics of Army Leaders

MILS 220 - Challenges in Army Leadership

Aerospace Studies

AERO 110 - Foundation of the USAF I - Lab

AERO 111 - Foundation of the USAF I

AERO 112 - Foundation of the USAF II

AERO 113 - Foundation of the USAF II - Lab

AERO 210 - Evolution of the USAF I - Lab

AERO 211 - Evolution of USAF I

AERO 212 - Evolution of USAF II

AERO 213 - Evolution of the USAF II - Lab

Syllabus Information

For more information about the ROTC program contact:

Department of Military Science at Michigan State University

Aerospace Studies at Michigan State University

Humanities and Performing Arts at Lansing Community College

Arts and Sciences Division
Arts and Sciences Bldg, Room 103
Phone: (517) 483-1010
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