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Hybrid Course and Lecture Make-up Testing

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Hybrid Course Testing

Exams for hybrid courses may be taken at the Assessment Center. Refer to your syllabus or contact your instructor to find out if they will be in class or the Assessment Center. Exams for hybrid courses will not be sent off campus and must be completed in the Main Campus Assessment Center (TLC 104).  Please review our testing guidelines below.

Make-Up Tests

Your instructor may drop off a missed test for your face-to-face course at the Assessment Center (TLC 104). Please review our testing guidelines below.

Testing Guidelines

  • Tests will be given out up to one hour before closing time. Hours and Location

  • Bring a picture ID. If you do not have a picture ID you will not be able to test.

  • You will not be able to leave testing room without submitting your work, finished or unfinished.  It is advisable to use the restroom before you come to the Assessment Center.

  • Be prepared to know the following information:

    • Your instructor's name

    • Your class code (e.g. PSYC 200, BIOL 120)

    • Your test name (e.g. Test 1, Midterm, Quiz 2)

  • If you bring your cell phone, it is required to be powered completely off, not just on silent. Expect to be asked by an Assessment employee to view your phone to make sure it is turned off.

  • The only materials allowed at your desk are the materials allowed for your test, as noted by your instructor.

  • If you need an exam extension, it is up to you to contact your instructor and for your instructor to contact us to change the date. An email from your instructor indicating the date change will suffice if it is printed off and brought with you.

Assessment Center at Lansing Community College

Assessment Center
Course Testing - TLC 104

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