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Athletic Sport Clubs

Student Athletic Sports Clubs (active and past) combine leadership with practice in intramural and individual sport participation, develop a positive sense of discipline utilizing sportsmanship and athletic competition for LCC students at all levels of athletic abilities. For more information on how to join a club or organization, or how to start one, call the Student Athletic Sports Club Office at (517) 483-1610, or stop by Room 460 in the Gannon Building.

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LCC Aikido Club

Adviser: Rob Van Oeveren,

The Lansing Community College Aikido Club meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10 to 11 am in GB 252.

Aikido is actually not a martial art, but form of Japanese Budo. The traditional Budo arts of Japan are a path for personal growth through mental discipline and physical training which evolved out of the philosophy, lifestyle and training of the ancient samurai. While outwardly resembling more popular arts like Judo and Karate, Aikido teaches peaceful resolution of conflict through non-resistance rather than physical strength. Modern Aikido is practiced by men, women, children and senior citizens.

Students usually join at the beginning of the semester; however they are welcome to start at any time. Any currently enrolled LCC student is eligible. A $25.00 dues/month/member is expected to offset transportation and parking expenses for the instructor.

LCC Body By Design Club

Adviser: Jeff Montgomery,

The Lansing Community College Body By Design Club is open to any currently enrolled LCC Student. The membership fee is $35.00.

The membership fee gives you access to the weightlifting room during designated club hours. The weightlifting room is located in the Gannon Building, Room 192.

The weightlifting room includes free weights, bikes, treadmills and nautilus equipment.

LCC Bowling Club

Adviser: Francis Jacobs,

LCC Cheerleading Club

Adviser: Tara Cooper,

LCC Illistic Breakdancers Club

Adviser: Sara Holguin,

The Lansing Community College Illistic Breakdancers Club promotes awareness on urban dance also known as "break dance". Learn vibrant dance sequences, moves and gain valuable insight on dance art. Beginners are welcome.

LCC Men's Ice Hockey Club

The LCC Men's Hockey Club Team will travel to the ACHA D-III National Championship Tournament to be held in Ft. Myers, FL March 10-13, 2010. 

Adviser: Eva Menefee,

LCC Star Crew Dance Club

Adviser: Vickie Diebold,

LCC Soccer Club

Adviser: Jorge Gonzalez,

LCC Wrestling Club

Adviser: Michael Ball,

The Lansing Community College Wrestling Club offers the chance for LCC students to continue their athletic careers in a highly competitive and supportive environment.

The LCC Wrestling Club offers an experienced coaching staff and the opportunity for currently enrolled LCC students to participate.

If you are interested in getting more information on the club, contact Head Coach Shane Tisdale at 517-282-0651 or LCC Advisor Mike Ball at 517-483-1227.

Athletics at Lansing Community College

LCC Athletics
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Phone: (517) 483-1610
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