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Improving Workplace Organization

Lean Thinking in the Workplace with 5S

How much time is spent at work searching for things? Is it possible to significantly reduce or eliminate the need to search? Yes! Workplace Organization is a foundation of Lean Thinking in the workplace.

5S is a strategy for workplace organization and is a key component when establishing a Visual Workplace, and both are a part of a system of continual improvement.

Answer the following questions about 5S to see how well your organization ranks.

Sort: If you don't need it, get rid of it

  • Have all unnecessary items been removed?
  • Are walkways, work areas, locations clearly identified?
  • Does a procedure exist for removing unneeded items?

Straighten: Everything has a place, and everything is in its place

  • Is there a place for everything?
  • Is everything in its place?
  • Are locations obvious and easy to identify?

Shine (and inspect!): Cleaning and looking for ways to keep it clean

  • Are work areas, equipment, tools, desks clean and free of debris, etc.?
  • Are cleaning materials available and accessible?
  • Are all aisle markings, location indicators, etc., clean & unbroken?
  • Cleaning schedules exist and are posted?

Standardize: Maintain and Monitor for adherence

  • Is all necessary information visible?
  • Are all standards known and visible?
  • Are all visual displays current and up to date?
  • Is there adherence to existing standards?

Sustain: Following the rules to sustain

  • Are procedures being followed?
  • Does an on-going audit and feedback system exist?
  • Does a system exist to respond to audit feedback?
  • Is there a system in place for reward/recognition?

About our new Lean Bronze Certification Prep series:

Improving Workplace Organization is the first in a series of eight one-day, activity-based workshops that will lead your organization to operational excellence. You will leave each workshop with clear action steps to apply directly to your workplace, and the series provides a roadmap for a sustained journey to Lean thinking.

Pre- and post-work is part of the program in order to help you transform your business practices more quickly and effectively. Participants are expected to implement each strategy and report their progress. Interactive groups review tactical lean principles in order to share ideas about key lean concepts.

Who should attend: Companies from all industries interested in implementing Lean transformation. This series is appropriate whether you are preparing for a certification or are simply interested in quick tips that you can apply now toward solidifying a foundation of principles to guide organizational decisions, provide more value for your customers, and apply the strengths of each employee.

Stay tuned for more!

Contact Michael Gilreath at (517) 483-9642 or for more information or to sign up for this valuable training.


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