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Red Hat Linux Training with RHCSA / RHCE Certification

Red Hat Linux System Administration 2
Installation, Configuration, Software, Troubleshooting

This course provides the student with hands-on experience related to system installation, configuration and bootup files, troubleshooting bootup issues, configuring file space using partitions and advanced partitioning services like RAID and LVM, installing and configuring software, configuring networking services, log management, service startup management, process control, backup concepts and general desktop configuration for a workstation on a local area network.

LAN fundamentals or equivalent; Internet understanding and working with TCP/IP or equivalent. 1+ months or solid hands-on experience managing any other type of system is also ideal.

Students are expected to already understand System Administrator 1 (SA1) user level skills regarding applications and the file system. This course builds on SA1 skills by focusing and building on the many concepts used within a Linux or UNIX environment to administer locally and remotely a workstation on a local area network.

NOTE: This class is not the starting point for anyone new to Linux or UNIX. Students MUST already understand SA1 concepts including file system permissions and navigation, file manipulation utilities and have general experience working with the operation system, not just a word processor, browser or spreadsheet program.

Duration: Four days (32 hours)

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