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Career Facts - Food Service Management Specialist

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Food Service Management Specialist

What is a food management specialist?

Food managers are leaders of the 11 million food service workers nationally who serve the public's need for meals eaten away from home. (Fifty percent of all meals are eaten away from home.) Expansions of chains and franchises, nationally and internationally, have opened opportunities for advancement like never before. Employers are showing an increased preference for college-trained personnel in food service establishments.

What types of skills are required?

Skills in basic food preparation techniques, accounting communication, marketing, and management are required. Also, personal qualities such as organization, problem solving, attention to details, personal stamina, ability to work under pressure and still perform duties quickly and efficiently and the ability to work in a team environment are important. Patience, tact, and a sense of humor are additional plusses.

Where are they employed?

Food management specialists work in restaurants, clubs, resorts, institutional food service, business and industry hotels and other similar establishments.

What degree is available?

An associate degree in business is offered in Hotel and Food Service Management (0711) with specialization in food management.

What is the salary range?

The local starting salary ranges from $18,000 to $25,000 per year. Nationally, median salary is $28,600 and food management specialists may expect annual earnings starting at $16,000 and increasing to as much as $100,000+ with extensive experience and wide-ranging management responsibilities.

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