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Job Boards for Specific Disciplines:

Social Science and Non-Profit

Career Counseling

National Association of Colleges and Employers


National Association for the Education of Young Children


American Economic Association

Education and Academe

Academia and Education Job Links
Academic Employment Network
Chronicle of Higher Education
Education Job Resources
Higher Education Jobs
Jobs in Higher Education
Project Connect

English as a Foreign or Second Language

English as Foreign Language Web


Law Enforcement Job Links
Legal Employment Search Site
National Federation of Paralegal Association

Library and Information Sciences

ALA Library Association
C. Berger Group
College and Research Library News
Library and Information Job Search


American Psychological Association
American Psychological Society


Chronicle of Philanthropy
Nonprofit Career Center
Nonprofit Jobs

Social Work

Job Listings in Mental Health
National Association of Social Workers
Social Work and Social Services Jobs On-line


American Sociological Association
Job Guide to Humanities and Social Sciences

Women's Studies

Employment Opportunities in Women's Studies

Center for Employment Services at Lansing Community College

Career and Employment Services
Gannon Building - StarZone
Phone: (517) 483-1172
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