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Computer Lab User Guidelines


Lab Technicians are available throughout the semester to assist you with problems in the operation of equipment and software. Lab Technicians can be found at the front check-in / check-out counter, they are responsible for answering general questions, and will do their best job to assist you in the completion of your assignments. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to ask. Two things to remember when working with computers are:

Read the screen. Frequently the information that you need is available either on the screen or through a help screen in the program you are operating.

If you begin to feel frustrated take a short break. Frustration often leads to a number of negative feelings and effects. These can eventually lead to an overall feeling of being unable to learn any computer system or program. If you take a short break, you can then return to solve the problem with a fresh perspective.

Limitations of Services

There are some limitations to the above services. Please notice that your assignments were given to you, so that you would learn the material. Please do not ask the lab staff to do the assignment for you. Also, please do not ask us to confirm your every key stroke. You must have the confidence to make this decision for yourself. Read the textbook assigned for your class completely. When finishing you assignments, please remember to do exactly what the textbook requests and in the order that it is requested. Many problems arise when files are misnamed when saved or steps are performed out of order. If you have read your book, and still are confused, ask the lab staff.

Items Left in the Lab

Lansing Community College, and the TLC Computer lab, are not responsible for any items left in the lab or classrooms. Any items left in these areas are left at your own risk. We suggest if you must leave your workstation, take your belongings with you as well. Public Safety maintains a lost and found service for items left in the classrooms, rest rooms, and lounges. Any items left in the lab will be turned over to Public Safety. Items can be retrieved by going to GB 251, or by calling Lost and Found at 483-1800.

Shutting Down the Computer

There is usually not a need to shut down your computer, but if the situation arises, please do it properly. First close all open programs. Then click the Start bottom on the left corner of the screen. Next click the Shut Down button on the task bar. Choose Shut down the computer and then click OK. The computer will shut down and the screen will display a message telling you when the computer is safe to turn off. Please do not power off the machine before it is ready to be shut down. Doing so may permanently damage the computer, and make the software inoperable.


The lab has reference materials on various subjects for use in the lab. All you need is a student ID to borrow the information while you work in the lab. The college also offers tutorial services for students that need more help. They can be reached by calling 483-1206, or by stopping into the Tutorial Services office, A&S 103.


There are many ways to save your files when you study in the computer lab. You can use a CD-R, or a USB Flash Drive to save files and take them with you. Alternatively, you may save files to Desire2Learn or your Google Student email account. Keep in mind that all files saved on the lab computers are temporary and will be automatically deleted once you log off. For more information, please see Alternatives to Saving and Helpful Tips.


Each semester that you are registered for classes LCC deposits $7.50 into your print account (Equitrac).  You may add value to your print account by transferring value from your Star Card.  It costs $.05 per page for black & white or $1.00 for color prints.  To check your print account you will need your Username and password.  The link to check your balance can be found in MyLCC under the school tab. 

General Lab Rules

1. The TLC computer lab is for students currently enrolled at LCC. To use the TLC computer lab, you must possess a current student star card. It is against policy for you to let another student borrow your Star Card to gain access to the computer lab. For more information, see the Acceptable Use Policy.

2. Star Card identification must be presented when requested by a Lab Technician.

3. The computer lab is for academic purposes. Therefore, a quiet atmosphere is required. Noisy students will be asked to leave (there are several student lounges on campus available for socializing).

4. Food and drink are not permitted in the computer lab. There is a bookshelf next to the check-in counter where you can leave your refreshments.

5. The use of cell phones is prohibited in the computer lab. Cell phone usage in the computer lab is distracting to other students and instructors trying to work. Please take your calls out in the hallway. We also ask that you put your cell phone on vibrate mode.

6. Computer games are not to be played in the lab unless the games are required for an LCC assignment.

7. Unauthorized copying and or installing of unauthorized software are not permitted. This may be a violation of copyright laws.

8. Tampering with the hardware or software settings will not be tolerated.

9. Students should follow the LCC Student Printing Policy when printings in the Computer Lab. Students are responsible for picking up their printouts at the front counter. The Lab will keep all printouts for a week and recycle them on every Saturday.

10. Chatting is only allowed when specifically assigned by an LCC instructor to complete coursework, i.e., Distance Learning. Please use the Library quiet rooms for computer chatting (see Library hours).

11. Students found Internet surfing for personal reasons may be asked to leave. Preference is given to students doing course work over those engaged in personal computer use.

12. Personal files are not to be stored on the local drive C. The lab is not responsible for providing students with writeable CDs or flash drives.

13. Children and friends of students are not allowed in the computer lab. The computer lab is an adult learning environment, and is not suitable or safe for children. Friends and relatives can stay in the lobby area.

14. DO NOT leave your personal belongings at the computer. Any belongings left at the computer for more than 2 minutes will be collected & put behind the counter. Any items left behind the counter for more than 20 minutes will be handed over to Public Safety. Lansing Community College is not responsible for items left behind.

15. Profanity will not be tolerated.

16. Disruptive students will be asked to leave and Public Safety may be called in such situations.

17. Viewing and printing pornographic images is not acceptable or permitted.

18. Sleeping in the lab is not permitted.


Computer Lab at Lansing Community College

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