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Workshop Direct Links

Faculty Orientation

Desire2Learn Content and Navigation

Creating a Gradebook in Desire2Learn

Desire2Learn Online Quizzes

Desire2Learn Discussion Forums

Preserving Desire2Learn Course Content and Exporting Grades

Basic Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

Introduction to Course Design

Desire2Learn Advanced Quiz Grading and Analysis

Editing and Inserting Questions into Videos Using EdPuzzle

Designing Visually Appealing Content in Desire2Learn

Developing Rubrics in Desire2Learn

A Showcase of Online Classes

Best Practices for Utilizing D2L in Your Face-to-Face Classes

Tracking and Reporting Student Success Using Desire2Learn Reports and Analytics

Ask Questions Using TurningPoint™ Clickers in the Classroom

Webinar: PowerPoint Design Principles

Reflection Writing as a Learning Tool

A Life Without: The Role of Poverty in Student Success and Failure

A Circle of Objects: Using Objects to Create Meaningful Discussion

Tips for Constructing a Successful Group Project

Tips for Conducting Successful Group Discussions

Poetry in Motion: How to Use a Poem as a Learning Strategy

They Said What? How to Handle Critical Student Evaluations

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