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English for Speakers of Other Languages

English for Speakers of Other Language classes, offered through the Center for Transitional Learning, are designed for students who grew up speaking a language other than English as their primary language. Classes prepare students for academic success at LCC or for a transfer program.

The ESOL program offers five levels of skill instruction, from basic to advanced, leading to college readiness. International students must place at the third level in order to be admitted.
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Level 1:

ESOL 050

Basic Reading and Speaking Skills

6 cr.

ESOL 055

Grammar and Sentence Writing Skills

6 cr.

Level 2:

ESOL 070

Intermediate Reading and Speaking Skills

6 cr.

ESOL 075

Grammar and Paragraph Writing Skills

6 cr.

Level 3:

ESOL 090

High Intermediate Reading and Speaking Skills

6 cr.

ESOL 095

Grammar and Essay Writing Skills

6 cr.

Level 4:

ESOL 110

Bridge to Academic Reading

4 cr.

ESOL 115

Developing College Writing Skills

4 cr.

Level 5:

ESOL 120

Academic Reading Skills

4 cr.

WRIT 117

Writing Preparation

4 cr.

Students enrolled in Levels 4 and 5 will take one, 4 credit elective course from the following group:

ESOL 103

Focus on Pronunciation

4 cr.

ESOL 105

Applied Grammar for Writing

4 cr.

ESOL 113

Academic Listening/Notetaking

4 cr.

ESOL 119

Academic Communication Skills

4 cr.

To view the ESOL Program Course sequence, visit our course sequence chart at:

To read the course descriptions for any of the above courses, click on the link provided here to reach the LCC College Catalog. To check for course prerequisites as well as days and times courses are offered, click on the link provided here for the Course Schedule Book.

Where do you begin?

You start by taking a placement test which is given in the Assessment Center. The test scores are used to place you into one of the five levels of instruction listed above. Following the placement test, you will need to speak with an ESOL advisor about your test results and correct course placement.

You can visit the Assessment Center now to see times the Center is open for testing as well as it's location, and other testing information, by clicking on Assessment. International students are admitted based on TOEFL scores. Placement testing will be arranged as part of the mandatory international student orientation.

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