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Student Sexual Misconduct Complaints

Lansing Community College values strives to protect the learning and employment environment for all students. The following resources are available to you:


Complaint Form
Complaint Process

If you, or someone you know, feels that you are a victim of sexual misconduct by a fellow student, please contact:

Beverly Baligad, Student Title IX Coordinator
Location: GB 135
Tel.: 517-483-9632

Greg Mallek, Deputy Student Title IX Coordinator
Location: GB 460
Tel.: 517-483-1622

To submit a complaint against a student:

  1. Fill out the complaint form. You can find the form here.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Student Title IX Coordinator to discuss some options. You can reach the Student Title IX Coordinator at 517-483-9632.
  3. Some things you should know:
    • The College will make every effort to treat each complainant with dignity and respect.
    • The College must engage in a good faith investigation to determine which steps if any will be taken.
    • The College will make every effort to ensure confidentiality up until a certain point in its investigation.
    • The College will investigate each complaint based on the information provided to us. In the interim, we may decide to take steps to preserve the educational environment for the complainants.
    • The College will attempt to identify community or College resources to assist the complainants.
  4. For a more detailed description of the College's Student Title IX Complaint process, please download this document.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Programs at Lansing Community College

Human Resources Department
Administration Bldg, Room 103
Phone: (517) 483-1673
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