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General Life Saving Information

Study the emergency "shelter/ evacuation" maps located in the campus building hallways and classrooms. Know ahead of time how to get from your classroom or office to the closest designated shelter area, or to exit the building by the most direct route during an evacuation.

Remain calm and walk - do not run.

Persons with disabilities - go to stairway landings and wait for emergency rescue personnel. Stairwells are constructed with a higher fire rating than any other areas of a building. Emergency personnel responding to the building will be checking the stairway landings for persons with disabilities upon their arrival.

Faculty - Stay with your students and provide them with direction to the nearest shelter area or to the nearest exit. Be prepared to account for your students. Notify LCC Police (dial 911) of any persons with disabilities requiring assistance. If possible, have someone stay behind with persons with disabilities until emergency personnel arrive.

As a faculty member, you may be required by the College to provide an account of those students who were under your authority at the time of an emergency. The College recognizes that unless you have K-12 age students in your class, you have no legal obligation to account for your students. However, the College has a moral obligation to aid family members in locating students who may be unaccounted for following an emergency event.

This is not saying taking attendance on paper is required. LCC Police will have a list of students from each class potentially impacted by an event. An officer will review with you your recollection of who was in your class at the time of the event.

When evacuating, remember to turn off the lights and lock your office or classroom behind you.

Life safety is more important than property. Take only those things you can gather immediately.

Call 911 to report any injuries or medical emergencies.

Emergency Management & Safety Services at Lansing Community College

Emergency Management and Safety Services
AOF Bldg, Room 202
Phone: (517) 267-5488
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