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Authorized Aid

Lansing Community College will hold the student's tuition and fees on account until enrollment is verified and financial aid is disbursed to the student account. If the student's aid is greater than the total tuition and fees for the semester, the student may qualify for a book advance.

Book Advance

Students may receive a Book Advance up to $600 prior to the start of the semester. The Book Advance will allow students to purchase books and supplies as early as one week before the semester begins. The Book Advance is calculated by subtracting tuition and fees from the amount of authorized aid (based on enrollment level) up to a maximum Book Advance of $600.


Students will receive any remaining financial aid funds (except loans) during the fourth week of the semester. Students should refer to myLCC for specific dates of when financial aid will be disbursed.

Loan Disbursements

Students will receive loan funds in two disbursements for a one-semester loan and four disbursements for a two-semester loan. Students should refer to their myLCC for specific dates of when their loans will be disbursed.

 This process helps our students by:

  • Providing funds for books and supplies prior to the start of the semester.
  • Assisting with budgeting and planning for the entire semester.
  • Increasing student success.
  • Decreasing the amount of student loan defaults.
  • Ensuring financial aid is based on actual enrollment.
  • Following the proven path of all other community colleges.
  • Meeting new federal financial aid accountability requirements.
  • Saving college resources to help keep tuition low.


The Student Finance Office controls the refund process at Lansing Community College. Once a student's financial aid is disbursed, and if the amount of the student's financial aid exceeds tuition, fees, and other institutional charges on the student account, the student is entitled to a refund. All refunds, including the Book Advance, are issued electronically to the student's Lansing Community College Debit Card (activation required) via Higher One or direct deposit to a personal bank account. Students will need to plan ahead for other expenses such as rent, transportation, and child care for the first four weeks of the semester.

Please visit the Student Finance Office for details, frequently asked questions, and other helpful information on the LCC Refund Process.

Refund Examples

Example A

Example B

Example C

$2500 Financial Aid Award
- 1000 Tuition & Fees
= 1500 Remaining
- 600 Book Advance
= $900 Financial Aid Refund

$1000 Financial Aid Award
- 600 Tuition & Fees
= 400 Remaining
- 400 Book Advance
= $0 Financial Aid Refund

$1000 Financial Aid Award
- 1300 Tuition & Fees
= 300 Student Owes
= 0 Book Advance
= $0 Financial Aid Refund

Financial Aid at Lansing Community College

Financial Aid Office
Gannon Building
2nd Floor - StarZone
Phone: (517) 483-1200
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Office Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8am – 6pm
Friday: 8am – 4pm

School Code: 002278