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Financial Aid Appeal: Maximum Timeframe

This form requires detailed information that will need to be obtained by researching your student account and other web sites.  Please allow ample time to complete this appeal.  When you have finished filling out the form please print a copy for your records, then click the "Submit" button below.
This form cannot be saved.

Students who have attempted 150 percent of the credit hours required for their program of study at Lansing Community College are not considered to be making satisfactory academic progress and are no longer eligible for financial assistance beyond the maximum timeframe.

Educational Degree Plan (EDP)

I that ALL of the following must be true for this appeal to be considered:

  • I have developed an EDP (educational degree plan) with an Advisor.
  • My EDP is current and still valid.
  • My enrollment matches the courses noted on my EDP.

You must complete and be following an EDP prior to filing this Maximum Timeframe Appeal. Contact Academic Advising at 517-483-1904 to schedule an appointment to complete one.

Student Information

First and Last Name

LCC ID or Username (help)

LCC Email Address

Program Information

Program of Study:

Curriculum Code (current codes) (must match your Banner student record):

Year you started this Curriculum:

I will complete this program at the end of:


Total number of all credits attempted at LCC:

List college degrees/certificates earned:

List your total loan debt.
Go to NSLDS to obtain this information (link will open new window):

List each course you need to complete your program of study. Refer to your EDP for assistance:

Statement of Appeal

Federal regulations prohibit students from receiving funding after they have attempted 150% of credits needed for a degree. Why do you feel an exception should be made for you?

What are your ultimate college and career goals?

Statement of Understanding

By hitting the Submit button below:

I am currently ineligible for financial aid and responsible for
any tuition and fee charges.

Only a small percentage of appeals are approved.

This appeal will be reviewed by a committee and the
decision is final.

I must check the status of my appeal in Banner Self-Service.

If approved, I must earn a minimum overall 2.0 grade point average and complete 100% of the courses attempted each semester on time to retain eligibility (no W, 0.0, Z, or I grades).

Additional documentation is not required upon submission. However, if the Financial Aid Office requires additional documentation, you may be contacted via your LCC email to provide evidence of any circumstances noted in this appeal.

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