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Dental Hygiene Clinic

Health and Human Services Building

515 N Washington Sq.
Room 107

(517) 483-1458

Through the expertise of dedicated student dental hygienists, licensed dental hygiene faculty and clinic dentists, the Lansing Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic serves hundreds of people each year.

Services offered include:

  • Comprehensive Dental Hygiene Care
  • Dental Health Instruction
  • Fluoride and Sealant Application
  • X-rays
  • Oral Health Screenings

Fees for Dental Hygiene Care

LCC Students/Seniors/ children 14 and under:




Panorex or Full Mouth
Radiographs (X-rays*):

$35.00 *Please note: The charge for all radiographs necessary to provide treatment is included in the charge listed above for a complete dental prophylaxis (teeth cleaning).  This separate charge will apply only if your dentist has referred you to our clinic for radiographs only.


$5.00 each or

Athletic Mouth Guard:


Duplicate Panorex or Full Mouth X-rays:

$35.00 (second set)

Additional charge with cleaning for:

  • Sealants
  • Athletic Mouth-Guard


When school is in session, the clinic is open Tuesday , Wednesday, and Thursday. Appointment days will vary per semester. Please call the number below to schedule a dental hygiene patient screening appointment. Screenings are not required for potential patients under age15 or for those who are current patients of record. After your screening, you will be able to schedule your dental hygiene clinic appointments. For more information call the clinic office at (517) 483-1458.

Returning patients or patients under age 15: Call the dental hygiene clinic at (517) 483-1458 for an appointment.

General Clinic Information

The Dental Hygiene Clinic at Lansing Community College offers preventive dental hygiene services to the public.

The program provides dental hygiene care to almost 2,000 people annually.

This care is made possible by the Dental Hygiene Program of the College, which provides education to students for future practice in private dental offices, hospitals, and public health agencies.

The clinic does not provide restorative dentistry (fillings), oral surgery (removal of teeth), orthodontics (braces), or dentures.

Because the Dental Hygiene Program is designed and maintained for teaching procedures, scheduling and dental hygiene services differ from those of a private dental office.

Those accepted for treatment are patients whose dental problems have teaching value and who have the extra time required for treatment. All dental care is performed by student dental hygienists who are carefully supervised by licensed dental hygiene faculty and a clinic dentist. Therefore, the instructors constantly review and evaluate the treatment rendered by the student which affects the length of visits and the number of appointments required.

Before you decide if you wish to be considered for treatment, please read the following information that describes what you may expect as a patient in the Dental Hygiene Clinic.

Becoming a clinic patient

As a possible patient, you must first have a dental screening. A dental screening allows the student dental hygienist to secure the necessary dental x-rays. With faculty supervision the student dental hygienist will complete a brief assessment of your oral health needs to ensure that you meet the needs of a teaching institution. A student dental hygienist will be assigned to you that has the skills necessary to care for you.

To schedule a screening appointment, please call (517) 483-1458. Screenings take place in the clinic Tuesday - Thursday by appointment only.

If an appointment is not immediately available to you following your screening, you will be notified by phone when an appointment becomes available. The length of the wait for this first appointment can be from one to several weeks, depending upon the time in the school year and your individual oral health needs.

Patients with a medical or dental condition that hinders proper treatment may not be acceptable for a clinic appointment (i.e., uncontrolled high blood pressure). Children less than five (5) years of age are not considered mature enough for clinical care in this teaching clinic and all children age 12 or under must be accompanied by an adult. Minors (under 18 years of age) must have the Medical/Dental History form signed by a parent or legal guardian at each appointment and before services are rendered.

Policy on Bloodborne Pathogens and Infectious Disease:

LCC Dental Hygiene students are required to treat all patients assigned, regardless of the disease state of the patient. The student is expected to follow standard precautions with all patients. The Americans with Disabilities Act forbids discrimination against patients with HIV; therefore, it is the policy of the LCC Dental Hygiene Program that students are required to treat all patients assigned, regardless of the disease state of the patient. A full copy of the Dental Hygiene's policies on Bloodborne Pathogens and Infectious Disease is available upon request

Appointments and services

Your first appointment will begin with a screening examination,
to determine which of your dental needs can be met in the Dental Hygiene Clinic.

Screening appointments are necessary for any new patients to the clinic. During the screening appointment patients receive a complete mouth x-ray series and panoramic radiograph (panorex). At that time the patient will have an oral assessment done by the clinical faculty and they will be assigned to a student who has the skills to care for that patient.

Our services may include:

  • Medical and Dental History
  • Blood Pressure Reading
  • Intra and Extra Oral Examination
  • Oral Health Education
  • Radiographs (x-ray pictures)
  • Prophylaxis (cleaning of teeth)
  • Periodontal Debridement (deep cleaning)

A specific plan for your treatment will be explained to you. With the aid of x-ray pictures, a faculty member and student will determine your dental condition and recommend a general outline of dental hygiene treatment and a way to complete it. Generally, a complete prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) for a patient who has regular dental care requires a minimum of one to two appointments of two to four hours each.

Patients should arrange an appointment with a dentist of their choice for a comprehensive oral examination and diagnosis following completion of the services provided at this clinic. The dental hygiene clinic does not provide a comprehensive dental exam for patients. X-ray pictures will be taken after review of the medical/dental history. Need for x-ray pictures is approved by the faculty dental hygienist or clinic dentist and is dependent upon the presence or absence of dental decay, gum disease, and frequency of dental visits.

Your radiographs (x-ray pictures) will be mailed to your dentist (or copies can be mailed to your home address) upon your request. We must have a release signed by the patient on file according to the Health Information Protection (HIPPA) forms. We require five (5) working days to process and mail your radiographs to your dentist. The patient should expect that their dentist will charge a fee for diagnosing the radiographs and the planning of the patient's treatment based on their findings.

Payment for services rendered:

A reasonable fee is charged for all dental hygiene care provided by the Dental Hygiene Clinic. One fee is charged, per preventive series of appointments, regardless of the number of visits required to complete your care. Fees are to be paid at the screening appointment.

Payment may be made in cash or by check.

Credit and debit cards are not accepted.

Clinic locations/directions

The Dental Hygiene Clinic is located in the Health and Human Services Building (HHS), Room 107 in downtown Lansing. This building is located just west of the LCC Parking Ramp on Grand Avenue, and just south of Saginaw St, between Capital Avenue and Grand Avenue.

Click here to find a map of LCC's main campus. Look for Building #4.


Visitor parking is available in the LCC Parking Ramp on Grand Avenue parking structure directly east of the Health and Human Services Building. It can be entered from Grand Avenue. There is also a City of Lansing parking structure located on the corner of North Capital Avenue and Shiawassee Street. Enter off of North Capital Avenue. As you leave your car, note the level where you parked. A campus map and handicapper parking information is available from the clinic receptionist.

Click here to find parking on main campus.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Please read our complete statement on your rights and responsibilities as a patient.

Just as your time is valuable, so is that of your student dental hygienist. You can help the student, and speed up your treatment, by being available when your presence is required and by arriving promptly for each scheduled appointment. You should plan on spending a minimum of two hours for each visit once treatment has begun.

If you must cancel an appointment, please give 24-hours or more notice by calling the Clinic Reception Office (517) 483-1458.

Appointments will be rescheduled as the schedule allows.

The student's grade is determined by the completion of patients. If you are not available for your scheduled appointment, the student's grade is negatively affected. Patients that cancel or change two or more. Treatment will be discontinued for patients who do not have the required amount of time, or for those who routinely break appointments or do not notify the student or clinic receptionist in advance. Two missed appointments will result in patient suspension of at least one year and possibly longer.

Your cooperation will enhance the students learning experience and will assist with your treatment.

We look forward to providing you with excellent, affordable dental hygiene care.

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