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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are online classes available for this program?

No, all new students to the HSDCI program take classes on the LCC main        campus. 

2. When are the HSDCI classes available?

Classes are Monday through Friday and usually run from 9am until 3 pm.  The HSDCI program runs all year through the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.

3. Is there a cost to the HSDCI classes

No, the HSDCI program does not cost students anything.  It is funded through the Host High School that students enroll in during the application process.

4. How many credits is half of the credits required to graduate?

It depends on the host high school that the potential student enrolls in.  Contact the counselor of the host high school you plan to enroll in for the number of credits required to graduate.  It is typically between 11 and 14 credits.

5. What if I do not meet the age eligibility requirement?

The age eligibility requirement is 16-19 years old.  However if you have an IEP or a 504 plan, it may be possible to still join the HSDCI program.  For further information please contact the HSDCI office.  If you do not have a 504 plan or IEP, you can contact the Center For Transitional Learning at LCC for information on their GED program.

High School Diploma Completion Initiative at Lansing Community College

High School Diploma Completion Initiative
Mackinaw Building, Room 214
Phone: (517) 483-9707
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