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Review of Michigan's Educational State Standards:
Michigan Department of Education State Standards
MICHIGAN MERIT CURRICULUM (MMC) High School Graduation Requirements (PDF)

Alignment of Curriculum:
Lansing Community College is in the process of aligning the High School Graduation requirements as stated by the State of Michigan Department of Education with the courses currently offered at Lansing Community College. Lansing Community College's goal is to have a seamless transition for students from the high school to college. Linked below is the Alignment that has been completed to date for Writing, Reading, and Math.

Form ELA Overview:
English Language Arts content expectations found in Lansing Community College Courses High School Diploma Completion Initiative. This is based on review of course syllabi and textbooks. The project contents include: Introductory comments and recommendations, ELA overview of content expectations taught in LCC courses, and individual course syllabus/resources aligned to ELA expectations

PDF Files
Math Alignment
Form ELA Overview

High School Diploma Completion Initiative at Lansing Community College

High School Diploma Completion Initiative
Mackinaw Building, Room 214
Phone: (517) 483-9707
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