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Program Quality Improvement Program Questionnaire: “Phase One – Year One”

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Please designate a program representative. This person will be responsible for the submission of this form no later than December 2, 2011 at 5 p.m.

  1. Goal 1 - Involve as many faculty as possible, with an emphasis on adjunct faculty inclusion and engagement.
    1. What Strategies did you use to include adjunct faculty?

    2. List Meeting/Work Session dates and number of FT and number of PT faculty who participated. (Include total number of FT and PT faculty in program.) For those unable to attend, how was their input gathered?

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  2. Goal 2 - Identify gateway or other significant introductory course in program.
    1. What did you learn from the data regarding student success?

    2. From the data, describe the attributes of successful students. Which attributes seemed to be the least and most influential?

    3. Which key questions did you ask to define successful students?

    4. What other data would be helpful in analyzing reasons for success?

  3. Goal 3 - Identify the course in this program with the highest percentage of Ws and 0.0s.
    1. Are there prerequisites for this course? Yes No

    2. After disaggregating the data, please identify both your most and least successful subgroup.

    3. List other data that would be helpful in analyzing causes of withdrawal and failure.

  4. Goal 4 - Policy and Process Recommendations.
    1. Are there any college-wide policies and/or processes you believe should be created or changed in order to improve student success?

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