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Phase 1 - Articulation Agreement

A request for articulation is made to the  K-12 Relations office. The K-12 Relations or college representative and secondary personnel, superintendent, curriculum director, high school principal, counselor, instructors, and other personnel (as appropriate) review and discuss the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Articulation Agreement.  When the terms are agreed upon, the LCC president/designee and the school district superintendent/designee sign the formal agreement.

K-12 Relations Office:

  1. Distribute the articulation packet that includes Articulation Agreement, Articulation Task List, and the Sample Articulation Task List.
  2. Review proposed  Articulation Agreement for clarity and completeness prior to formal signing.
  3. Submit Articulation Agreement and Articles of Agreement to the LCC External Affairs Office for signature.
  4. Retain the original signed Articulation Agreement in the Department of K-12 Office and mail a copy back to the district.
  5. Disseminate information about newly signed agreements to CPED Directors.
  6. Conduct a review of the Articulation Agreement and its articles every three years.

CEPD Directors'/Instructors Responsibilities:

  1. Review the articulation packet.
  2. Obtain signature of superintendent/designee. Return Articulation Application to the K-12 Relations Office for Provost's signature.
  3. Keep a copy of the signed Articulation Agreement once signed and returned from LCC.

K-12 Relations at Lansing Community College

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