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Career Clusters 101:

Understanding the Transition to Postsecondary Education

Student, Parent and Counselor Information Guide

* Click on an industry or an occupation cluster in the chart above to view a list of related programs at LCC.

Lansing Community College Programs

Arts and Communication

Careers related to humanities, the performing, literary, visual and media arts. This may include architecture, creative writing, film and cinema production, journalism, education, religion, foreign languages, radio and television broadcasting, advertising, and public relations.

Airbrush Illustration, Certificate
Art History, Transfer
Computer Graphics Animation, Degree
Computer Graphics, Multimedia, Certificate, Degree
Computer Graphics, Web Design, Degree
Creative Writing (See Writing)
English/Literature, Transfer
Figure Studies, Certificate
Fine Art Foundation, Degree
Foreign Language (French, German, Japanese, Spanish), Transfer
Graphic Design, Degree
Humorous Illustration, Certificate
Interior Design, Degree
Journalism (See Writing)
Media Technology, Certificate, Degree
Performing Arts (Theatre/Dance, Music), Certificate, Degree, Transfer
Photographic Imaging, Certificate, Degree
Sign Language Interpreter, Certificate, Degree
Speech Communication, Transfer
Stage Technology, Certificate, Degree
Writing, Transfer

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Business, Management, Marketing and Technology

Careers related to all aspects of business including accounting, business administration, finance, information processing, and marketing. These may include entrepreneurship, sales, hospitality and tourism, computer / information systems, office administration, personnel, economics and management.

Accounting, Certificate, Degree, Transfer
Administrative Assistant, Degree
Advanced PC Application Specialist, Certificate
Business, Degree, Transfer
Computer Network/Communications, Certificate, Degree
Computer Programmer/Analyst, Certificate, Degree
Computer Repair Technician , Certificate
Computer Sales Specialist, Degree
Computer Science, Transfer
Computer Security and Controls, Degree
Credit Union Management, Certificate, Degree
Economics, Transfer
Electronics, Computer Technician, Certificate, Degree
Field Sales and Marketing, Certificate, Degree
Hotel-Motel/Food Services, Certificate, Degree
Human Resource Management, Degree
Internet for Business, Certificate
Labor Relations, Certificate
Legal Assistant, Certificate, Degree
Management, Certificate, Degree
Marketing, Certificate, Degree
Mathematics/Statistics, Transfer
Medical Administrative Assistant, Degree
Medical Transcriptionist, Degree
Microcomputer Database Specialist, Certificate, Degree
Microcomputer Support Specialist, Degree
Office Assistant, Certificate
Office Specialist, Information/Word Processing, Certificate, Degree
PC User Support Specialist, Certificate
Real Estate, Certificate, Degree
Records Management, Degree
Small Business Management, Certificate
Tourism & Travel, Certificate, Degree
Windows Programming Specialist, Certificate

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Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

Careers related to technologies necessary to design, develop, install, or maintain physical systems. These may include engineering and related technologies, manufacturing technology, precision production and construction.

Architectural Technology, Certificate, Degree
Auto Body Repair, Certificate
Automotive Technology, Certificate, Degree
Aviation, Degree
Aviation Maintenance, Degree
Avionics, Certificate, Degree
Chemical Engineering, Transfer
Civil Technology, Degree
Computer Numeric Control Programming, Degree
Computer-Aided Drafting and Design, Certificate, Degree
Residential Building, Certificate, Degree
Electrical, Construction, Certificate, Degree
Electronics, Certificate, Degree
Heating, AC/Building Maintenance, Certificate, Degree
Industrial Technology, Certificate, Degree
Landscape Architecture, Degree
Machine Maintenance, Degree
Machine Repair, Certificate
Machinist Toolmaker, Degree
Mathematics/Statistics, Transfer
Millwright, Certificate
Physics, Transfer
Tool and Die Maker, Certificate
Welding, Certificate, Degree

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Health Sciences

Careers related to the promotion of health as well as the treatment of injuries, conditions and disease. This may include medicine, dentistry, nursing, therapy and rehabilitation, nutrition, fitness and hygiene and animal health care.

Chemistry, Transfer
Dental Assistant, Certificate
Dental Hygienist, Degree
Dentistry (See Medicine)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Certificate, Degree
Emergency Medical Services, Certificate, Degree
Health and Wellness (see Kinesiology)
Histologic Technology, Certificate, Degree
Kinesiology, Transfer
Massage Therapy, Certificate
Medical Assistant, Certificate
Medicine, Transfer
Pharmacology (see Medicine)
Nursing, Certificate, Degree
Nutrition, Transfer
Paramedic, Certificate, Degree
Physical Education and Athletics (see Kinesiology)
Physical Therapy (see Medicine)
Physicians Assistant (see Medicine)
Radiologic Technology, Degree
Surgical Technology, Certificate
Veterinary Technology, Degree

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Human Services

Careers in child care, civil service, education, hospitality, and the social services. These may include law and legal studies, law enforcement, public administration, and child and family services.

Anthropology, Transfer
Child Development, Certificate, Degree
Corrections, Certificate, Degree
Criminal Justice, Transfer
Education, Elementary Certificate, Transfer
Education, Secondary, Certificate, Transfer
Education, Paraprofessional, Certificate
Fire Science Technology, Certificate, Degree
Gerontology, Certificate
History, Transfer
Human Services, Degree
International Studies, Transfer
Law Enforcement, Degree
Legal Assistant, Certificate, Degree
Mid-Michigan Police Academy, Certificate
Political Science, Transfer
Psychology, Transfer
Sign Language Interpreter, Certificate, Degree
Social Work, Transfer
Sociology, Transfer
Substance Abuse, Certificate
Teaching (see Education)

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Natural Resources and Agriscience

Careers related to nature resources, agriculture and the environment. These may include agriculture, earth sciences, environmental sciences, fisheries management, forestry, horticulture, and wildlife management.

Biology, Transfer
Botany (see Biology)
Chemical Process Technology, Certificate, Degree
Chemical Technology, Degree
Chemistry, Transfer
Conservation (see Natural Resources)
Environmental Science, Transfer
Environmental Technology, Degree
Geography, Transfer
Geoscience/Earth Science, Transfer
Geographic Information Systems, Certificate, Degree
Horticulture, Degree
Mathematics/Statistics Transfer
Molecular Biotechnology, Degree, Transfer
Natural Resources, Transfer
Physical Sciences, Transfer
Wildlife Management (see Natural Resources)
Zoology (see Biology) 

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