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Printing and Copying


The library has 6 Konica Bizhub 40p black-and-white printers and one HP 5550 color printer available for you to print to. 

Printing costs are deducted from your Printing Credits. Printing in black and white costs $.05 (1 credit) per page. Printing in color costs $1 (20 credits)per page.

You can add to your Printing Credits at the Checkout Desk in the Library. Just bring your Starcard and have your TUID ready.


The library has 3 Konica Bizhub 7222 black-and-white copiers and 1 Konica Bizhub C350 color copier available for you to make copies.

Copies can be paid for either by cash or Starcard. Black and white copies cost $.15 cash and $.10 Starcard per page. Color copies cost $1 per page.

Wireless Printing

You can now print from your laptop to the printers in the library.

  • Windows users should visit the Windows specific guide to wireless printing.
  • Mac users should visit the Mac specific guide to wireless printing.
  • Please select the printer TLC200-KONICA40P-SupCtr when selecting which printer to print to. This is the printer located at the Multimedia Desk in the Library.

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