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Contact your Library liaison to schedule a workshop for faculty or students in your program or to set up an individual training session.

Designing Effective Research Assignments

Learn about the analysis I conducted during my sabbatical on research assignment handouts at LCC, as well as the results of a similar large scale study of student research, Project Information Literacy. We will share ideas for research assignments which encourage students to look critically at information beyond the traditional research paper. During this session, you will have the opportunity to evaluate a sample assignment handout. Also, participants will learn about the resources available through the LCC Library to help students complete research assignments. Please bring one of your own assignments to discuss.

Knowledge is Power - Discover LCC's 21st Century Library

Learn what resources, technology, and services the Library has to offer faculty and students. Offerings include books, articles, Kindles, iPads, discovery tools, databases, research guides, and more!

I Can't Believe It's Not Google: Using One Search

Learn about a new Library search tool, OneSearch, which can help you and your students quickly find articles, books, and multimedia from multiple research databases and the Library catalog. Also learn how to create a search box for your Desire2Learn course which students can use to find discipline-specific resources.

Embedding in Desire2Learn

Work one-on-one with a librarian to integrate Library resources such as articles, books, and videos into your Desire2Learn course site.

Beyond YouTube: Streaming Videos that Support Course Content

Looking for videos to help your students understand curriculum concepts? Discover educational videos available in the streaming video database Films On Demand. Learn how to link and embed specific videos into your Desire2Learn courses

No Shelf Required! Using eBooks

Did you know that the Library has over 110,000 eBooks that are accessible both on and off-campus? Discover how Library eBook titles can be located and read on multiple electronic devices, as well as how to embed eBooks into Desire2Learn courses and use them as supplemental or required reading.

From PowerPoint to Civil Exam Prep: Skill Tutorials & Practice Tests

Discover online tutorials and practice tests available in the Learning Express Library database. There are practice exams for Accuplacer, US Citizenship, and for occupational exams in fields such as Electrical and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Additionally, there are tutorials for test-taking and workplace skills.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes - It's all in Anatomy TV!

Learn how you are put together with the Anatomy TV database! Explore a detailed interactive 3-D model of the human body, rotate the model, and peel away layers. Also, hear how some faculty members are using Anatomy TV in their courses.

Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands? Learning about Culture Through Library Resources

What are appropriate business gifts in Indonesia? What gesture is taboo when greeting someone in Mongolia? In this hands-on workshop, use the Culture Research Guide to find answers to these and other questions and learn how to locate information about customs, cultures, and business practices in countries around the world.

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