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What is Community Education at LCC?

Community Education classes offer learners of all ages access to personal interest credit and non-credit lifelong learning opportunities that connect LCC's strengths with community needs. Community Education programs encompass a wide spectrum of disciplines, including vocational, personal interest and leisure offerings, youth development and adult, boomer and senior enrichment.

Are CCE courses offered for credit or non-credit?

Community and Continuing Education offerings include both credit and non-credit courses. Some courses allow both credit and non-credit enrollments side-by-side.

When is a course offered as credit or non-credit?

Guidelines for determining whether a course is credit or non-credit are located in the College's academic policy pages. A course is developed for either credit or non-credit based on the appropriateness to audience and purpose.

How do you determine what courses to offer in CCE?

Programming in Community and Continuing Education is often market driven. Program development is purposeful and goal oriented. Course proposals are reviewed by the CCE curriculum team for fit, viability, sustainability and marketability. New courses are developed on a monthly basis and courses that are accelerated, unique and that meet the needs of students and customers are welcomed.

How do students sign up for CCE courses?

Beginning with Summer 2012, the new "Flex Reg" process will be available for individuals wishing to register for a Community Education course. Students using their financial aid to pay for the courses will need to register in the Student Banner system. All other registrations will take place through our Flex Reg program.

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