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How To Register

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I add classes to my schedule?

Answer: Search the courses in the Search Results window, mouse over the course and click + to add the course to your proposed schedule. Click the magnifying glass for additional course details.

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This will open a new window. You must enter the start date in the Select a Start Date Box in the lower left hand corner. Click on the calendar icon and click the highlighted date. Then click on the Add to Proposed Schedule button.

Once all courses have been added to the proposed schedule click on the Register button in the lower right hand corner and complete your registration.

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Question: Do I need to apply to LCC to take Community and Continuing Education?

Answer: No, you do not need to complete an admissions application to register and pay for these courses. You will be able to create a Banner ID and PIN once you have selected your courses and submitted your registration. You will then click the Create New Account button and complete the registration process.

Please note if you should decide you would like to take academic courses you will then be required to complete the LCC admissions application.

See the following screenshots on how to create your Banner ID and PIN.

Once you have selected classes click on the Register button in the lower right hand corner of the Add Classes page. A new window will open and you click on the Create New Account button to continue.

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Complete the requested information (use the scroll bar on the right hand side to complete all of the requested information). Enter the Security Check text in the textbox and click Submit.

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The system will process your personal information and create your Banner ID and PIN. Be sure to print or write down this information for future use. Click Continue to proceed with your registration

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You may receive a Caution message if you attempt to create an ID and Pin and you are already in the system. The Caution message asks you to contact the LCC Help Desk at 1 -800-644-4522 or 517-483-5221 for assistance in obtaining your information.

Question: If I am not ready to pay, will my registration be saved?

Answer: No, you must pay by credit card or purchase order at the time you register. The system has a time limit as to how long it will leave a class in a cart unpaid for.

Question: How do I drop my class?

Answer: In the menu bar in the catalog click on Drop Classes. A list of your current courses will display. Click on the Action drop down box and select the Drop status. Then click Save. After the save has been processed you will have a message in the upper right hand corner that states "Changes successfully completed".

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Question: What are the Community and Continuing Education refund rules?

Answer: Student Initiated Drops: If for any reason you must drop a class, the following refund rules apply:

7 calendar days (or more) prior to start of class = 100%
2 to 6 calendar days prior to start of class = 50%
1 calendar prior to start of class and after the start of class = 0%

Canceled classes: Students will receive 100% refund

Question: When/how will I get my refund?

Answer: All LCC student refunds are issued electronically to a student's Lansing Community College Debit Card (activation required) via Higher One or direct deposit to a personal bank account.

Click here to go to the college's refund schedule.

Question: When do I need to update My Account (address, name, profile)?

Answer: Please review your personal information in the My Account menu bar every time you register for courses. You may update your address, phone number, or email address. Also, there are optional questions that the program would like answered.

A request to change your name at Lansing Community College must be made in person. Present your court document reflecting your new name to the Enrollment Services Office in the Gannon Building, Suite 203 (GB 203). Examples of accepted legal documents include: marriage or court record and passport (non-resident aliens only).

Question: How do I search for Classes I am interested in?

Answer: Use the Search box to enter the course title, crn or keyword and click the magnifying glass. To view all course offerings in the catalog click on the magnifying glass next to the Search box. To use the Advanced Search option click on the link and click the down arrow to select additional search criteria.

Question: How do I view my schedule?

Answer: Log into the system with your Banner ID and Pin. Click on Add Classes in the menu bar. Click in the box Show Registrations located on the right side of the screen. All classes you are registered in, for the semester will appear. If you would like to view your schedule in a calendar view, click the Weekly View link on the right side of screen.

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