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Online Courses

Individuals who are independent learners and have good computer skills may utilize course offerings over the Internet.  Students complete coursework on-line and then take tests at a proctored location. Students that live within 60 miles of the main campus, and have no travel restrictions, are required to test at the on-campus Assessment Center.  Otherwise students may utilize an approved off-campus testing center and a test proctor.  A fee may be assessed to test off-campus. 

For more information about online learning and testing go to /online/

"Being able to go to class anytime during the day is one of the many reasons why I like online classes.  I am able to go to class anywhere during a 24 hour period.  I live in Grand Rapids, so online classes work best in order for me to attend LCC.  It is also convenient that I am able to have my tests proctored to a location near my home."   Miranda (student)


Math and Computer Science Department at LCC

Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Arts & Sciences Building, Room 301
Phone: (517) 483-1073
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