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Student Nurses Association (SNA)

SNA was established in the Fall of 1983 for the purpose of uniting nursing students and providing a cohesive source of support during their studies at LCC.

SNA members work together with fellow students to become active in the community and on campus, in promoting health and wellness. Students enrolled in the nursing program can become members.


New members always welcome. SNA usually meets every other Tuesday at 11AM.  Information about activities and upcoming events can be found on Angel Site- Nursing Careers-Announcements.  Cost is $6 per year.  Applications can also be found at the Angel-Nursing Careers-SNA site.   Turn in completed applications into the nursing office (HHS 108).

Student Nurses Association Membership Application

Eileen Pizanis
Nursing Faculty: SNA Advisor

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LCC Nursing Careers Deparment

Health and Human Services
Health and Human Services Bldg, Room 108
Phone: (517) 483-1410
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