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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Lansing Community College's Nursing Program distinctive?

  • High regard in the community.
  • A ladder program concept.
  • Four program options.
  • Nationally accredited.

2. Are there advising sessions available?

There are MANDATORY pre-nursing advising sessions scheduled throughout the year for students who are interested in applying to the nursing program. Current session dates can be found at: Prior to attending a seminar students are required to thoroughly read the current Nursing Advising Guide which can be found at:

3. When does the program start? When do I apply? How many students are admitted? How long does the program last?

The program offers four tracks: traditional 2-yr; non-traditional 3-yr, advance standing to RN, and 2nd degree options. Regardless of the track the student chooses, the discipline of nursing requires a full time commitment of study.



# of Students Admitted

Program Length


2-Year Track

Fall - August

March 1st


4 semesters
(excluding Summer)

Classes, labs and clinical sessions for all options vary between days, evenings, and weekends.

2-Year Track

Spring - January

March 1st


4 semesters
(excluding Summer)

3-Year Track

Fall - August

March 1st


8 consecutive semesters

Advanced Standing Track

Summer - June

March 1st


3 consecutive semesters

2nd Degree Track

Fall - September

June 1st


14 months

*Attempts are made to offer courses in the afternoon, evening and weekends.

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4. What prerequisites do I have to take? When do they have to be completed?

For complete information regarding prerequisites and completion timelines click here.

5. What if I want a four year degree?

If you plan to articulate to a four year institution, it is suggested to review the requirements of the BSN completion curriculum of the institution you are considering.

6. What if I already have a B.S. or a B.A. degree?

Please see the 2nd Degree Track information below.

7. What is the difference between the 2nd Degree Track and the Advanced Standing to RN Track Program?

The 2nd Degree Track requires that the applicant have a Bachelor's degree. The degree can be in any area. All prerequisites, including general education and NURS 200, must be completed before starting the 2nd Degree Track. The nursing courses vary from 6 to 8 weeks in length. The track is 14 consecutive months. Some of the coursework is online, with lab on campus and clinical hours in the Lansing and surrounding areas.

The Advanced Standing to RN Track requires that the applicant be a licensed paramedic, LPN or Respiratory Therapist. All prerequisites must be completed before starting the program. After the Transition Class summer semester, the student enters the equivalent of the second year of the nursing program. This is hybrid, with at least 50% of the learning online. This track is 3 consecutive semesters.

8. How do I know if courses will transfer as prerequisites?

Official transcripts must be mailed directly from prior school(s) to the address below. Following transcript evaluation confirmation of transferable credits will be sent to the student.

1121A - Registrar's Office
Lansing Community College
PO Box 40010
Lansing, MI 48901-7210
(517) 483-1200
(800) 644-4522 x1200

9. How do I apply if I am not a Lansing Community College student?

If you have never been a Lansing Community College student, you need to fill out a college application.

  • To fill out the application online, click here.
  • To pick up at application, student can go to Enrollment Services,
    Gannon Building-Suite 203.
  • To have an application mailed, call: (517) 483-1200 or (800) 644-4522 x1200

10. I am currently a Lansing Community College student -- how do I apply?

  • Students will receive a packet of information at the MANDATORY pre-nursing seminar.
  • Application for the Nursing Program is found in the seminar packet.

11. What does the Admission Committee look for in an applicant?

Admission to all tracks of the Nursing Program are based on a point system. The point system is found in the seminar packet. All tracks require all prerequisite requirements to be completed. In all tracks, the students with the greatest number of points are admitted.

12. Who should I call for advising?

Students who need additional advising should contact Counseling and Advising, Room 204 of the Gannon Building, or call (517) 483-1904 for additional information.

13. How much does the program cost?

Current tuition rates are $83.00 per billing hour for residents and $166.00 per billing hour for nonresidents. The out-of-state student tuition rate is $249.00 per billing hour and international student tuition rate is $291.00 per billing hour. There is a registration fee each semester of $25.00. Additional fees are listed on the specific program advising guide.

14. How do I apply for financial aid?

You may find more information related to financial aid by visiting Lansing Community College's Student Financial Aid/Veteran Services web page.
1600 - Financial Aid/Veteran Services
Lansing Community College
P.O. Box 40010
Lansing, MI 48901-7210(517) 483-1296
Fax Number: (517) 483-1170
Long Distance at (800) 644-4LCC
Contact person: Judy Harris

Also, some nursing scholarships are available through the LCC Foundation Office.

8021-Foundation Office
Lansing Community College
PO Box 40010
Lansing, MI 4890-7210
Phone: (517) 483-1985
Fax: (517) 267-5554
Room 101, Rogers Carrier House

The Nursing Program frequently receives scholarship information. Please click here to find out more.

15. Is housing available?

The Student Life Office often posts offerings but Lansing Community College has no formal housing assistance available. To access the Student Life home page, please click here.
Director: Al Nowak
Student Life Office Location: Gannon Building-Suite 218
Mail Code: 1170
Phone: (517) 483-1285

16. Is there a waiting list to get into your program?

No. We use a "selective admission" process based on a point system.

Students for the 2-year and 3-year tracks, who have completed admission requirements may apply to be in the applicant pool for the March 1 deadline; however seats are based on the highest point scores.

Students applying to the Advanced Standing to RN track must have all prerequisites completed by March 1st and those with the most points are awarded the seats.

The 2nd Degree track students must have all prerequisites completed by June 1st and those with the most points are awarded the available seats.

Approximately 10 students will be placed on an "alternate list" in the 2-year and 3-year tracks. The remaining students that qualified, but did not have enough points to get a seat, will be sent a letter stating they did not make the cut off and may work to earn more points and apply for admission the next year if they so choose.

17. How are the GPA points calculated?

The GPA is not your overall college GPA. It is calculated solely on the courses required for the Nursing Program. To calculate your GPA, use the worksheet provided in the Nursing Advising Guide.

18. If I am accepted, what next?

Once you are accepted, you will receive a letter inviting you to a mandatory orientation meeting. Following that orientation session, you will sign a letter of intent to either accept or decline your seat in the program.

19. Can I have a job while I am a nursing student?

Many of our students work part-time. We definitely do not recommend more than 20 hours a week. If you must work, you will need a strong support system. The expectation of the Accelerated Program is to limit all outside work.

20. What is the typical student profile of a nursing student at Lansing Community College?

The average age of a Lansing Community College nursing student is currently 28.8 years. Students range from 19 to 54 years of age. Most students are married or divorced and have children at various stages of development. More than 50% work part-time in other jobs.

21. Why should I choose an AD Nursing Program at Lansing Community College versus going directly into a BSN program?

  • Cost - community colleges are less expensive.
  • Learning Style - The technical nurse program is more hands-on along with theory, so you can apply what you are learning as you go.
  • More Options - You have the option of exiting after one year to become an LPN or two years to become an RN -- if you can't manage two years at one time, you can exit and return within two years into the 2nd year of the program.

22. If I want to go on for a BSN at a later date, how feasible is this?

Lansing Community College's Nursing Program articulates with eight or more universities in Michigan. You can complete your BSN by completing approximately two more years at one of these institutions. A link to some of these universities is available on the Useful Links web page.

23. What might be the reasons for not choosing Lansing Community College's Nursing Program?

For the younger student, who does not have outside family responsibilities, the after class socialization is not the same as at the four year universities. College is often a "right of passage" for the late adolescent and that socialization is not a major focus of the older student in our program.

Information For Returning LPN's(Advanced Standing Track)

1. If I want to enter Lansing Community Colleges Nursing Program, do I have to start from the beginning?

You will have to meet the LPN program prerequisite course requirements. Often these will transfer from your previous college. Click here to find more information on our Advanced Standing to RN Track web page.

It is our goal to articulate the LPN into the 2nd year (3rd semester) of our program when he/she returns for his/her RN degree. All returning students are required to take NURS 210 - LPN to RN Transition 2 Course.

2. How do I enroll as an LPN articulation student?

Students who need additional advising should contact Counseling and Advising, in the Gannon Building-Suite 204, or call (517) 483-1904 for additional information. Your prior course work will be evaluated and a plan of study will be developed for you.

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