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Completing Required Trainings

  1. Select Learning Management System (LMS) in your LCC eToolbox.
    lcc etoolbox

  2. Login using your TUID and Password.

Registering for a Required Course:

  1. Select the My Catalog button.
    my catalog

  2. Select your Required Training folder.
    required training folder

  3. Select the Resource.

  4. Browse through the trainings to find a session that you want to sign up for. Select Sign Me Up.
    events available

  5. You are now enrolled in the training.

Completing a Required Online Course:

  1. Select the My Trainings button.
    My Trainings

  2. Select the training you want to launch.
    Select Required Course

  3. Click Run in the pop up box. (This step is only necessary if you have not previously completed an online required training)
    Run Screen

  4. Read the Conditions for Self Monitored Training and click Yes to proceed.
    Self Monitored Training Conditions
  5. Select Begin Course to begin the training.
    Begin Course

Human Resources - Organization Development at Lansing Community College

Organizational Development
Administration Bldg, Room 106
Phone: (517) 483-1879
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