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Instructions for Read Out Loud

Found in Adobe Reader 6.0 and higher

Read Out Loud is a Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool that is built into Adobe Reader 6.0. It reads text contained within a document window.

  1. Open the .pdf file you want to read in Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher.
  2. Go to the page you want to begin to read.
  3. Activate Read Out Loud. ( Shift+Control+Y )
  4. When the file is loading usually a blue bar will show up in the bottom right corner. Wait until the bar disappears.
  5. If you want to 'Read This Page Only', then press Control+Shift+V. If you want to 'Read To End of Document' then press Control+Shift+B.
  6. If you have to pause, press Control+Shift+C.
  7. When you want to resume, press the same: Control+Shift+C.
  8. When you want to stop and are ready to close, press Control+Shift+E.

Read Out Loud Controls and shortcut keys

Control                                                                Shortcut Keys

To activate or deactivate read out loud                Shift + Ctrl + Y

Read This Page Only                                             Ctrl + Shift + V

Read To End of Document                                    Ctrl + Shift + B

Pause/Resume                                                       Ctrl + Shift + C

Stop                                                                          Ctrl + Shift + E

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