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Accessing Disability Support Services
at Lansing Community College

Here are the steps to take to access accommodations from the Office of Disability Support Services (ODSS) at Lansing Community College:

  1. Apply to LCC online at

    * Be sure to start early. Ideally you should apply one semester before you wish to take classes.
    * Apply for financial aid. Visit for information about financial aid and to fill out the federal application

  2. Take the Computerized Placement Tests**(CPT's) to obtain necessary reading writing, and math levels. The tests are multiple choice, untimed, and available on a walk-in basis (unless the student requires a reader or quiet room for testing - see below) Documentation is not required in order to use a reader or quiet room.

* If you require the assistance of a reader for placement tests, call Reader Services at 517-483-1225 to schedule a reader.

NOTE: Readers can only read the test EXACTLY as it is written. They are not able to re-word, clarify, or explain anything within the tests.

* If you desire a quiet room ONLY (no reader) for the placement tests, call the appropriate phone number to reserve a room:

Main Campus Assessment Center 517-267-5500
East Campus 517-483-1860
West Campus 517-267-5452
Clinton County (St. Johns) 989-224-2017
Livingston Campus (Howell) 517-545-3522

* In order to use a calculator for the math placement test, you must meet with ODSS staff by appointment or during Drop-ins and present documentation of a Math Disability. You will be given a stamped form that allows you to use a calculator during your math placement test.


  1. Register with the Office of Disability Support Services (ODSS)

If you are new to ODSS, please call 517-483-1924 to make an intake appointment with ODSS staff. During this intake appointment you will do the following:

A. Bring in documentation of your disability for review. A high school exit IEP, Summary of Performance (SOP) or 504 plan is helpful, but further documentation may be required (psychological or medical report, depending on your disability). For detailed information on documentation needed, click here.

B. Review your reading, writing, and math placement levels with ODSS staff. In some cases, these levels determine the classes for which you are eligible to register. Office of Disability Support Services staff can assist with choosing classes.

You can register on campus or on-line during ongoing registration times.

C. Discuss accommodations with ODSS staff. After reviewing your information, you and the staff person will decide upon classroom and testing accommodations.

D. Receive an Instructor Memo detailing the accommodations for which you qualify. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE THE INSTRUCTOR your Instructor Memo from ODSS in order to receive the services listed there.

You must meet with an ODSS staff person each semester you plan to ask for accommodations.


Office of Disability Support Services at Lansing Community College

Disability Support Services
Gannon Building - StarZone
Phone: (517) 483-1924
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