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Payroll is responsible for meeting the college's obligation to compensate employees, bi-weekly. Payroll also establishes Direct Deposit, Tax Sheltered Annuities (TSA) and assists with changes to tax forms.

  • Banner: Where you can enter time cards and handle many self-service responsibilities
  • Tax Forms: Federal and State
  • Direct Deposit Form: Fill out this form, print, sign, and either mail or hand deliver to the Payroll office at Lansing Community College. Your direct deposit will become active after two pay periods. You will continue to receive a check until then.
  • Payroll Card Enrollment Form: Complete this form and return it to the Payroll office at Washington Court Place, 309 N Washington Sq, Ste 203, Lansing, MI.  A paycard will immediately be distributed to the employee at the time the form is returned to the Payroll office.  Deposits on the paycard will begin on the second (2nd) pay after the paycard is issued.  Employee will receive a pay check on the first (1st) pay.


2015 Calendar Year
Pay #  Start Date End Date Check Date
1 (H) 21-Dec-14 3-Jan-15 9-Jan-15
2 4-Jan-15 17-Jan-15 23-Jan-15
3 (H) 18-Jan-15 31-Jan-15 6-Feb-15
4 1-Feb-15 14-Feb-15 20-Feb-15
5 15-Feb-15 28-Feb-15 6-Mar-15
6 1-Mar-15 14-Mar-15 20-Mar-15
7 15-Mar-15 28-Mar-15 3-Apr-15
8 29-Mar-15 11-Apr-15 17-Apr-15
9 12-Apr-15 25-Apr-15 1-May-15
10 26-Apr-15 9-May-15 15-May-15
11 10-May-15 23-May-15 29-May-15
12 (H) 24-May-15 6-Jun-15 12-Jun-15
13 7-Jun-15 20-Jun-15 26-Jun-15
14 (H) 21-Jun-15 4-Jul-15 10-Jul-15
15 5-Jul-15 18-Jul-15 24-Jul-15
16 19-Jul-15 1-Aug-15 7-Aug-15
17 2-Aug-15 15-Aug-15 21-Aug-15
18 16-Aug-15 29-Aug-15 4-Sep-15
19 (H) 30-Aug-15 12-Sep-15 18-Sep-15
20 13-Sep-15 26-Sep-15 2-Oct-15
21 27-Sep-15 10-Oct-15 16-Oct-15
22 11-Oct-15 24-Oct-15 30-Oct-15
23 25-Oct-15 7-Nov-15 13-Nov-15
24 8-Nov-15 21-Nov-15 27-Nov-15
25 (H) 22-Nov-15 5-Dec-15 11-Dec-15
26 6-Dec-15 19-Dec-15 25-Dec-15
Start/End Pay Periods for Spring Semester. 
10 Pay Periods for Adjunct Faculty
Start/End Pay Periods for Summer Semester. 
5 Pay Periods for Adjunct Faculty
Start/End Pay Periods for Fall Semester. 
9 Pay Periods for Adjunct Faculty
(H) Reminder:  The college is closed for one or more days to observe a Holiday.  Refer to Union contract for details
Red Text: Deferred Pay-Out for participating Full Time Faculty 


Payroll and Financial Reporting at Lansing Community College

Payroll and Financial Reporting
Washington Court Pl, 2nd Floor
Phone: (517) 483-1722
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