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How to setup student printers

ITS has announced the ability to allow students to print to our printers from their laptops.

This functionality is available for all students that possess an active TUID and laptops with compatible wireless capabilities (802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g)

Mac Printing Instructions:

In Applications/Utilities, open the Printer Setup Utility.

In the Printer List windows, click Add.

In the Printer Browser windows, hold down Alt/Option and click the More Printers button at the bottom.


Change the top pull down box to Advanced.  If you don't see it, it's because you didn't hold down Alt/Option in the last step.

In the Device pull down box, choose Windows Printer via SAMBA.  

For Device Name, you can put any name you'd like.  Finally, in the Device URI field, copy and paste the following:


Click here for a list of all student printers available.

After doign this, you will want to replace TUID and PASSWORD with the appropriate credentials (This would be the same information used to login to Starport).  Replace PRINTER with the name obtained from the list (linked above).

Hit Add after doing this and check to see if you can print.

This tutorial was made with OS X v10.4, other versions might differ slightly 


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