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Fitness and Wellness Program

Course Offerings

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The Fitness and Wellness Program offers a variety of aquatics experiences everything from developmental swim skills to basic life guarding. Some of our more specialized courses are parent/infant-child swim, arthritis aquatics, and scuba.

Fitness/Physical Conditioning

Fitness and Wellness offers a variety of fitness and physical conditioning classes that are designed to advance the overall health of the student. Emphasis is placed on learning appropriate exercise techniques as well as general wellness principles. Some courses include in the Fitness/Physical Conditioning program are total fitness, yoga, body flexibility, and adult lifestyles exercise.

Health and Wellness Education

Fitness and Wellness offers a selection of courses aimed at practical fitness and wellness education. Many of the courses emphasize personal growth and understanding of medical and nutritional advancements. Course examples include stress management, wilderness survival techniques, and nutrition.


Fitness and Wellness offers courses for the student who is interested in a professional career in Kinesiology. You will transfer from LCC with a solid base of Kinesiology knowledge.

Team and Individual Sports

Fitness and Wellness offers courses for the athletic body in all of us. With everything from fencing, to golf, to basketball classes and skill levels for beginners to advanced participants, it's a perfect time to pick up a new activity or improve your game!

Weight Training

Fitness and Wellness offers courses specifically focused on learning strength training methods. Instruction on proper lifting technique and training methodologies will be explored.

Refer to LCC Course Offerings page and textbook information for more information about courses offered in the Fitness and Wellness Program.

Physical Fitness and Wellness at Lansing Community College

Fitness and Wellness Program
Health and Human Services Bldg.
Room 108
Phone: (517) 483-1410
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