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LCC Quality, Planning & Economic Development

What is our goal/objective?

To facilitate a functional unit's planning; quality and assessment initiatives by utilizing various quality enhancement tools (Balanced Scorecard, Baldrige, and Plan-Do-Check-Act Model) that help the areas integrate planning, assessment and improvement.

Who are our customers?

They are functional units, departments, and staff.

What are our services?

  • Rethink a unit or department's planning, objectives, or goals and realign those to goals/objectives in the College Strategy Plan.
  • Help to develop action strategies to implement the unit's mission.
  • Use quantitative and qualitative data to assess outcomes.
  • Improve the performance of departmental processes.
  • Enhance their knowledge of planning, assessment, and improvement strategies.

How do we deliver our services?

  • Educating: we provide training for individuals and groups engaged in planning, assessment, or improvement projects through workshops, and training materials.
  • Developing Models: we develop models based on continuous quality improvement principles that help units translate their goals into action plans and establish performance measures/indicators.
  • Consulting and Facilitating Services: are available to assist teams and units involved in planning, assessment, and improvement efforts.
  • Creating Information Solutions: we help units to identify key data needed in assessment and improvement.

How do we measure ourselves?

  • Qualitative Measures: increased collaboration among functional units, improved synchronization of a unit's goals and strategic goals, service outcomes through follow-up, and survey.
  • Quantitative Measures: pertinent data such as the number of groups/departments served; the scope of service; number of training/workshops provided, number of requests for service.

Quality, Planning & Economic Development at Lansing Community College

Quality, Planning & Economic Development
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