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89.7 HD-2, WLNZ Jazz

Jazz has always been a part of the WLNZ sound. Now listeners can take in this traditional American style of music 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 89.7 HD-2..or right here on the Internet. To begin listening, simply click on the the Live365 player!

Listen to Jazz Now!

What is HD Radio?

If you haven't heard of HD Radio yet, here’s some background…

If you have an HD (High Definition) radio, the broadcasts of local radio stations will have CD-quality sound. The reception is static-free featuring full frequency response and crystal clear reception. With an HD radio, signal fades, static, hiss, and pops are things of the past.

It also allows stations to "segment" their frequency and offer additional programming. Among the HD Radio features LCC Radio offers - a second channel (89.7 HD-2) that offers jazz music on a full time basis. We call this new channel WLNZ HD-2. And it’s on the radio, but you need an High Definition radio receiver to listen, or you can listen to it on the Internet.

Unlike satellite radio services, HD Radio does not require a subscription. It's free for consumers just like today's analog AM and FM radio. HD radios are currently available for purchase at select electronic stores and on the Internet. It is likely that as the that these types of radios will become "the standard" in automobiles and home systems as the technology makes its way into the mainstream public.

You can continue listening to our HD-1 station along with other local stations on your existing analog radios.

Read our HD Radio FAQ.


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