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Tropical Aquatic Ecosystems/Field Study in Puerto Rico - BIOL 287 Spring

**Due to high demand, we are offering a second opportunity for students to enroll in this Spring Semester class and take the field trip portion from
July 31 - August 9.  If you are interested in this option, you may enroll, but be aware that this second trip will only be offered if sufficient enrollment is obtained.  Contact the instructor for additional information.
science-study in pueto rico Kayak into a mangrove forest!

Sylvia Heaton
Science Department - MC 5400
Lansing Community College
PO Box 40010
Lansing, MI 48901-7210

Come study and explore the complex environments of tropical aquatic ecosystems! Kayak a mangrove swamp! Snorkel a coral reef! Hike through a rainforest! Swim in a bioluminescent bay at night!

Students will:

  • Be introduced to the general concepts of aquatic ecology
  • Learn to conduct basic aquatic sampling in both freshwater and marine environments
  • Learn about the culture of Puerto Rico and gain an understanding of the issues facing aquatic systems today
  • Participate in an exciting learning experience - a 10 day trip to the aquatic environments of Puerto Rico!
    science-study in pueto rico Interact with the local wildlife!

For further information, contact the Lansing Community College Science Department, Arts & Sciences Room 301, Main Campus, phone 517-483-1092 or Sylvia Heaton (contact information above).

Class size is limited to 11, so early registration is recommended to guarantee a seat! 

Application (pdf)
Itinerary (pdf; from 2007 Puerto Rico field study trip)
PowerPoint from 2008 Puerto Rico Trip
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Science at Lansing Community College

Science Department
Arts & Sciences Building, Room 301
Phone: (517) 483-1092
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