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Eco-Scholars Day

The fifth annual Eco-Scholars Day will take place on Friday April 25, 2014 from 12:00pm-3:00pm at LCC West Campus!

This event is an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in sustainability and the environment presented by LCC students, faculty and staff. All in attendance will be treated to amazing, innovative and creative displays and presentations.

Keynote Speaker

The keynote speaker this year will be John Daly, Managing Director, from the Genessee County Road Commission.  Mr. Daly will be presenting on: Environmental Evaluation Systems at 12:00pm in West Campus Auditorium. 


An LCC van will picking up and dropping off students at the Corner of Shiawassee and Capital Avenue beginning at 11:00 AM and dropping them off at West Campus every 30 minutes until 3:30 PM. 


Eco-scholars is proud to have presentations from programs and departments campus-wide. We would love to see your student's Eco-themed ideas on display at this year's event! Please consider representing your program area by using it as a project or extra credit in your Spring 2014 class.  Need some ideas on how you can participate? Contact one of our Eco-Scholars Day representatives!

2014 Presentations

Lansing Ecological Economy Park
Geothermal Energy
The Invaluable Resource
Recycle Mind Set
Rechargeable Battery Swap
Save *A* Tree
The Invisible Environment
GreenWorld, Inc
The Advanced Technology Workplace / Equipping Students for Global Economy
Battery Recycling at LCC
Fracking in Michigan
Delhi Township Recycling Awareness
Taking a Look at Oil Spills
Perform an Energy Audit in Virtual Reality
Earth's Fallout
DNA Sequencing of LCC's Shigamatsu Garden
Environmental Resources from the LCC Library
It's Not Easy Being Green, but It's Easy Using GREENR
Energy Efficient Lightbulbs
Methane Digesters
Geothermal Energy  
Air Pollution
Cost Savings & Scrap Reduction
The Great Work
Fuel Efficient Vehicles
Recycling at the Early College



2013 Event Photos

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Participant Quotes

"Very interesting, well worth my time"
"Loved the variety of concepts and the creativity of some of the ideas"
"Nice show by students"
"A fun assignment and day at LCC!"
"Had a great time, thank you for the invite"
"This has been very informative"
"Good information, I enjoyed the presentations"

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