TRANSFER GUIDE

Curriculum:  Manufacturing Engineering, Western Michigan University
             Transfer Program, LCC University Center
Curriculum Code: 1409                                                              

                        		    Semester   Semester
Code       Title        		    Credits    Offered

REQUIREMENTS Total: 31 Credits
CHEM 151   General Chemistry Lecture I      	4     	ALL
CHEM 161   General Chemistry Lab I      	1    	ALL
MATH 151   Calculus I          			4   	ALL
MATH 152   Calculus II         			4    	ALL
METM 100   Manufacturing Processes     		3    	ALL
PHIL 151   Intro to Logic & Critical Think	4	ALL
PHYS 251   Physics I: Mechanics           	5    	F,SP
SPCH 130   Fund of Public Speaking     		3     	ALL
WRIT 124   Technical Writing    		3      	ALL

Complete the indicated number of credits from each CHOICE listed below.
CHOICE 1:  General Education 11-14 Credits (See Note 1)
           AREA I            3-4
           AREA III          3-4
           AREA IV           3-4
           AREA V            3-4
           AREA VIII           2

ELECTIVES Total: 23-26 Credits (See Note 4)
CIVL 241   Statics/Strength of Materials    	4      	SP
CPSC 230   Algorithms and Computing w/C++    	4     	ALL
MATH 253   Calculus III        			4     	ALL
MATH 254   Intro to Differential Equation    	4     	ALL
MATH 260   Linear Algebra      			4    	SP
METD 110   Mechanical CAD Drafting I    	4     	ALL
METD 130   Geometric Dimension/Tolerance     	4     	F,SP
METD 260   Jigs and Fixture Design    		4     	SP
METM 190   Metallurgy and Heat Treatment    	4	F,SP
METM 195   Metrology & Adv Inspection    	2     	F,SP
METM 220   Basic Mastercam     			4     	F,SP
METM 225   Basic Unigraphics NC     		4    	SP
PHYS 252   Physics II:Elecrom/Wave/Optic        5    	F,SP

                                                            TOTAL CREDITS 68
1. See the WMU General Education Program guide for appropriate LCC courses.  
   LCC Students should complete AREA VIII and 3 of the additional four areas
   (I/III/IV/V).  WMU requires that AREA II and the remaining unselected AREA be
   completed with upper-level courses at Western.
2. The Manufacturing BSE provides students with the skills that are in demand by
   manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, furniture, appliances, metal working,
   plastics, paper, and other industries. 
3. WMU requires all students to satisfactorily complete Intellectual Skills
   Program requirements.  Students transferring all the courses listed under the
   "Requirements" section above will meet the Intellectual Skills requirements.
4. Students should work with the WMU contact (see below) when selecting elective
   courses.  Some courses must be taken together (METM 195 and METD 130; MATH 
   254 and 260) to receive transfer credit while some courses may be a choice 
   (METM 220 or METM 225).   
5. Students seeking an LCC associate degree must fulfill specific graduation
   requirements.  See the LCC Catalog for details.
6. This transfer guide requires basic skill levels in mathematics, reading, and 
   writing. To determine accurate course placement, students should take the 
   Computerized Placement Tests in the LCC Assessment Center (GB 200) prior to
   registration. For testing hours call (517) 267-5500.
For further information, contact John Patten Ph.D., WMU Dept. of Manufacturing
Engineering, at (269) 276-3246 or; and the program website 
at  For advising contact Joseph Petro, Jr. at
(269) 276-3370 or 

Effective from Fall 2013 through Summer 2014