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October 11th, 2008

Nothing much this week except for school and work, which isn’t a bad think I don’t think. It kept me busy and I went to a tutoring session on Tuesday. It was strange because I hadn’t ever gone in to LCC on a Tuesday morning and learned that it is crazy at the parking ramp! I was sitting in line all the way down Shiawassee St. watching the clock tick by and decided if I didn’t make a decision to find another place to park I would be late for my tutoring! I looked ahead on Grand Ave. and there was a parking spot, so I zipped over to it. Went to grab my purse for some change and I forgot my purse at home! HA! Somewhat hilarious, but I wasn't quite laughing yet. I started to have a little bit of fear settle in about being late again, so I started scavenging around for change and I was successful. Yay! I made it in the nick of time after trucking through the Gannon building at mock mall walker speed.

I have had a few ideas pop into my head lately about my major. I am doing web design right now, but biology tried to sneak and then I had another idea about the veterinary technology program. All I can say is holy chemistry and pre-calculus! For the love of animals I would do it. My only concern if I went into the bachelor degree program is the biomedical research and regulatory issues class. I do not like animal testing and I don’t know if I could handle doing anything of that nature since it is against everything I believe. I will be speaking with someone about this that works in the field to see what that class entails and research that further to see how I could manage. These are all just thoughts popping in and may pop right out since I have too many interests. Too many!

Work has been well. I may decide to ask about becoming a shift lead. This of course would mean more responsibility, but I don’t think it would be too horrible. The pay is a little bit more and every bit counts in my book right now! Other than that nothing too exciting lately and I have been digging on my art class a lot lately. It seems to help me relax, even if I don’t feel I do as well as the other stuff I see people doing around the room. It doesn’t matter too much as long as I enjoy it and am trying my best. Plus I can always get better at it with practice.

Gretchen G.

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