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November 14th, 2008

Hello everyone, how is everyone doing? Great I hope. This week has been going awesome for me. I seem to be improving in all my classes. I am sure I will do well in them.

The weather is really strange for this time of year. Snow is just right around the corner. Does anyone have plans for Thanksgiving? I have not made any plans just going to try to catch up on my sleep and maybe spend sometime with my grandchildren.

I have been working hard on my papers for my portfolio.  Everyone I asked to read my papers seem to enjoy them. I am hoping for at least a 3.0 in that class. Math is going well. I understand better than I thought. I am actually looking forward to Math 107.

Does anyone know if WRIT122 or ENGL121 is better to take? I am unsure and would appreciate any help.

How many of you are going to the GSA Masquerade Drag show? I am looking forward to the event very much. I have never been to one. I hope it is good.

Well, I have to fix dinner now.


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