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October 24th, 2008

First thing: Thank goodness the construction is finished at Shiawassee and Grand right now. That was seriously annoying me. Not that it was their fault, but when I get slowed down by a train or am running late anyways, last thing I want to deal with is construction back up! Haha!

Work decided to pull another person from another store to take the shift lead position. I was kind of sad about it, but if and when I transfer to the next location I probably would have had to step down from the position. It all works out I guess. Time will tell.

I didn’t really have much excitement this week. I went to school, the doctor, work, and slept A LOT. Lately if I am awake past 8pm it is a miracle. I think it is partial to the weather changing and how it is getting darker earlier. I need a portable sun lamp and then I would need sunglasses all the time! As long as I can finish up my paper for my writing class tomorrow night after work I will be happy. I will just need to drink lots of coffee so I can stay awake!

One thing that was very cool this week was going to the MSU dairy farm. I feel bad for dairy cows, but I was happy to pet a few of them. I don’t know why, but I just think cows are cute. I always have! Then we went to the MSU Organic farm and I was in heaven. I am all about organic food if I can be and the best part was being able to hold and pet a super fluffy hen. My piece of happiness for the week, I loved it!

Hopefully most everyone has been able to avoid the nasty cold going around. I am not sure if I got a touch of it or not, but I sure know a lot people that have it! It doesn’t sound like much fun and if anyone has it, I hope you get well soon.

Gretchen G.

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