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October 4th, 2008

I have been grieving the loss of my pet. It has been an extremely difficult week for me. Trying to focus in class and on homework has been a chore because I cannot concentrate on one thing for very long. When my little guy was at the doctor’s on Friday, the vet tried to do that biopsy as I mentioned on the last writing. His lungs were aspirated because of this. I had to close at my job Friday night and I wish I could have gone in to have visited because if I had seen he was having trouble breathing I would have taken him to emergency immediately. No one called me about it though so he was alone gasping for air from 11pm Friday night until Saturday morning. They called me and told me I had a very sick kitty. He was put into an oxygen cage. The doctor told me to come in at 12pm to visit him.

Once I was at the veterinarian they told me I had an option to take him to emergency or to leave him at their facility, but he would be unattended. I opted to take him to a facility that could do more for him and hopefully get his lungs cleared of the liquid that had entered. While driving to the other clinic on the highway we were slowed down because of the stupid construction on the highway. Then while trying to get to the MSU clinic everyone was driving slower than the speed limit because there was a campus police car in front of us. All I wanted to do was get my kitty to the doctor. He started vomiting blood when we were almost there. It was horrible.

The MSU doctors were very kind, compassionate, and thoughtful. They had to do a blood test and another X-ray of his lungs. After they returned the doctor informed me of the situation that his lungs were full of liquid with a 30% chance he would recover. I had to make the decision to put my beautiful kitty down because I didn’t want him to suffer any longer. It was a very hard decision I didn’t want to make. I lost a part of myself that day and I am still very sad. He was my best friend and I loved him so much. He didn’t deserve such a fate. It is amazing to me how many people don’t understand how much a pet can mean to someone. He was a part of my family and a huge loss.

Gretchen G.

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