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September 27th, 2008

Hello everyone! This is my first blog I am doing this week and it has been quite a week. I am in 4 classes right now. I love and hate it all at the same time. I am sure many are able to relate…right? I was enjoying all of my classes until recently, now it is one less class I enjoy for the moment. One professor sent out an email (on 9/21/08) that I may be reacting strongly towards, but I felt that it wasn’t a positive or supportive message. Because of this email, I was bummed out and distracted with my homework I had to do for this particular class.

My other bother is that my little buddy, my kitty cat, is sick and is at the vet hospital as of Thursday morning. Friday, the veterinarians did an ultra sound and said he has an abscess on his stomach or near it, or in between his stomach and liver. They tried to do a biopsy, but he was vomiting and the vets weren’t able to get a “sample” to test what it was. So now they have to do exploratory surgery on him Saturday morning (September 27). I really love my cat. He is my buddy. I know a lot of people don’t understand this and that is ok, but he is my “fur baby”. He is the cutest fluffy in my universe!

Other than that my week was ok. I am hoping that my little dude is ok and gets better. I hope that I am able to do well for the one professor that made me feel negatively. I am thankful that I actually have this Saturday and Sunday off from work. I don’t think I remember the last time I had a whole weekend off, plus the weather is suppose to be beautiful! Please think good thoughts for my little buddy cat! It is freaking and stressing me out right now! I hope that this next week works out a bit nicer!  What a crazy roller coaster week! I am glad the sun has been shining. Thank goodness!

P.S. I noticed that my school g-mail account has been getting some naughty spam messages. If you get an email about a greeting card being sent to you, please think twice about it. It is a virus. The email tries to make you copy and paste a bunk link that makes your computer download the virus. You don’t need that! Avoid it and don’t do it! Plus if you are familiar with eCards, they normally come with a code you have to enter to receive it. Pay attention to this, avoid it, and be safe please! Take care until next week.

Gretchen G.

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