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November 14th, 2008

Well another week has come to a close. When I first started coming back to school I thought I’d be going Monday thru Thursday and having the weekend off. I’ll say it’s been exactly the opposite. The weekends now are consumed with homework. If not the usual Math homework, then it’s one of the computer classes, or actually both. Enough about homework, something probably most of you know anyway.

This week has been a bit more challenging due to the fact I came down with a very bad cold and actually took Monday and Tuesday off from school. I mention this, because this is the first time in my three semesters that I’ve ever missed a class. It was a good decision to take the time off to get some extra rest and see if I couldn’t kick this cold thing. I’ll admit, it helped, but the schoolwork/homework didn’t stop just because I was sick.

I think I mentioned last week about being a little sick and just taking some cold/flu medicine and sucking it up. Unfortunately that doesn’t always work. When you’re sick, you’re sick. You have to do what is necessary to stay healthy. All in all things are going fairly well.  Classes are good, and besides the Math classes most of the homework I have is just time consuming more than anything else. With that we’ll close for now and get back to the homework. Thanks as always for allowing me to share.

Jeffrey D.

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