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October 24th, 2008

It seems that each week that goes by new challenges are always revealed. This week as usual it’s been learning a new chapter in Math 112.

Math is always a challenging subject, but it is also very important to realize how important it is to my overall success academically. If we dig a little deeper into it, well, it involves a lot of patience. It also increases your critical thinking process. What I’ve learned from taking my Math courses is a lot about certain behavior patterns. Now follow me here for a moment, when doing the Math I needed to learn to write more neatly. I also needed to slow down when working on Math problems. A tendency to skip some of the steps is almost always common among students. So you see it’s so much more than just doing the Math. It’s all about slowing down, thinking things through, taking the necessary steps in life to achieve some very important goals. Math has actually helped me to realize some of these important issues I needed to improve upon.

Overall, life has been good this week. Taking things in stride on a daily basis is essential. Often I would get down on myself for not getting a good enough grade, say on a Math test. I have been working on not being so hard on myself. Learning to say when enough is enough. This is especially true in the overall learning process. I firmly believe that after a certain amount of time studying that you just need to put it down. Take a break, get some rest or maybe even go enjoy something you like to do. Maybe it’s watching a good movie, hanging out with some friends, bowling, sporting events, whatever you enjoy doing, just do it. That’s also very important to have a well rounded lifestyle that will be a key to your success.

Being involved with the Trio program has been a very positive experience. It has also helped to achieve some of the immediate goals academically. One short message I would like to add before closing is that, it’s totally up to you, your academic success that is. With all the academic support services that the college offers, as well as Trio, you still got to do the homework. Simply put, JUST DO YOUR PART! and you will succeed in whatever your ventures are. Thanks again for allowing me to share with you each week and have a enjoyable productive week.

Jeffrey D.

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