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November 28th, 2008

Hello, everyone. I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving. Myself, I studied and got caught up on some sleep. It felt kind of strange not to have to cook dinner for my family it was a nice break.

Finally my portfolio is done and turned in. I am not only relieved, but now I am on pins and needles waiting for the results. I believe that I did well, I tried my hardest and not to take the criticism to heart. I understood that would help my papers to be the best they could be.

Math050 is getting a little better. I am restudying for test 6 and I believe I will do better than my 57 that I received the last time. I have a good teacher and would recommend Mrs. Cooper to anyone who would be taking math in the future. She really takes the time to make sure you learn the information and is always willing to help you. Taking math as a lab/lecture is a good way to get both the lecture part and the lab there is someone always there to help you.

I do know that I received a 4.0 for my internship. I was kind of surprised, but I do feel as though I deserve it. I do however realize that I need more confidence in my own abilities. I am working on a project for Michigan Works! it is going to be a workshop for the clients. I am going to call it CAP which stands for Choices, Attitude, and Prioritizing. I should be finished before the beginning of next semester. I look forward to actually putting it together even though I am a little nervous. I am sure I will do great.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the little rest period we have.


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