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September 29th, 2008

It was nice to get back from a short vacation over the week-end. It was a retreat of sorts. Monday brought on some added stress because of not spending time on home-work.  It was a good time for me to re-evaluate my time-management. Monday and Tuesday I experienced a revelation, or I guess that’s what you might call it. What I’d like to take the opportunity to share is this. Being my third semester, I’ve put 110% into my class work and am proud to say that I’ve been able to maintain a 3.8 cumulative G.P.A. up to this point. The hours have been long. What some influential people such as my instructors, tutors, friends and family have all shared with me is that maybe I was putting too much time into school. My first thought was “No way, just look at my G.P.A.

Well here’s the revelation or whatever you might want to call it. I actually allowed myself to go home early on Tuesday evening. I thought boy was I sure going to pay for this, going home early. After all, I still had plenty of that dreaded math homework to do, and I just wasn’t getting it, or for better terms grasping the concept. How could I possibly go home early? I mean the instructors up in the Math Lab have been wondering if I was going to be bringing my cot with me, or jokingly one asked If I wanted to have my own key because I spend so much time up their? My response was “Sure, just tell me who I should give the rent check to.” We laughed and after going home that Tuesday evening I realized something very important.

My friends, this is what I’d like to share with you about the most important thing I’ve learned since coming back to school. It was perfectly ok to go home. After all I needed the rest and I didn’t seem to be getting that much accomplished. What lesson I’ve learned, and worked on this week is to achieve some balance in my life, home, school and personal life. That is critical in the learning process. Too much of a good thing can also be bad too! Math; it is a good thing, no really it is!

I’ve hope I have made some sense in some of the words you’ve let me share with you today. Thanks for allowing me to do that! And thanks for letting me ramble.  

Have a terrific weekend and a great upcoming week!!!

Jeffrey D.

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