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October 3rd, 2008

Hello, gang what’s up? Nothing much here. Today is one of my grandson’s birthdays (10-03-08) He is three. A great age. Other than that this week has been kind of slow. I am still am holding a 3.0 average in Math050; I am so, proud of myself. Writ 121 is giving me a hard time but, I have not given up.

Is Fall finally here? Will the leaves be changing soon? What fun. I love the sound of rustling leafs. The trees look so lovely. It is like a breath of fresh air.

This year for me has been one of change and improving. As some of you may know I have been taking this year to fine or rather define who I am. Student, mother, and grandmother really do not define me. Those are roles in my life. Don’t get me wrong they are a part of me but I have taken this time to shape my life.

I am trying to discover the inner diva in me, to learn to hold my head up high and to be proud of me. I have always been embarrassed when saying I am intelligent now I see what they are saying. I enjoy taking risk. Nothing immoral, but I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I take everything in. I learn something each and everyday.

I am meeting new people everyday. I love it. I feel as though I have found my niche. I feel as though I have found where I belong. I am learning to love me and life. I am stronger, smarter, and beautiful.

See you guys later.

Lisa S.

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